Supervision supports work processes, work-related questions and the professional cooperation of individual team members.

I offer individual supervision as well as team supervision or case-based supervision for teams or occupational groups from the psychosocial and educational fields.

Impending decisions or crisis situations might be the theme. It is often a case of working out new solutions for specific problem areas, or of tracing the causes of recurring conflicts and changing them in a positive way.
Individual supervision deals with optimising one’s own working situation. I see my task as contributing towards finding a good place in the professional system. This should strengthen one’s own potential as well as preventing burnout.
In addition, I also provide support for work-related decisions and for dealing with bullying.

Systemic supervision offers good opportunities for making use of existing resources. This means that I emphasise the positive use of already existing abilities, ideas and opportunities. At the same time, this extends the space available for other things. In this way, creative new things can emerge on the basis of proven experience.
I am convinced that in principle everyone possesses the potential to play a role in a positive solution. And sometimes only a little support from outside is needed to find the way to do it. Systemic supervision’s range of colourful building blocks supports this process.