Family therapy

Family therapy is a good choice when a member of the family has problems and everyone wants to contribute towards helping him or her to feel better. This could be, for example, a child who is suffering from psychosomatic illnesses such as asthma or recurring infectious diseases. Joint sessions with other family members can also be very useful when children do not want to go to school, are extremely withdrawn or have problems at school or with their friends.

In this context, the following themes occur frequently:

  • psychosomatic illnesses
  • bed-wetting
  • increased susceptibility to illness
  • problems at school
  • problems with peers
  • conflicts among siblings or between the generations

Sometimes it almost seems as if one person in the family is taking all the problems upon him/herself and is thus becoming ‘a problem case’. In this case it makes sense for several members of the family to contribute their ideas and work together to find solutions.
I have experienced again and again in family sessions that a sort of creative workshop for positive change can come into being. This can be very interesting and fun.

The aim is: to once again become a family in which each individual has a good position and feels comfortable.